Build a Banner | The World's First Changable Banner!
The World's First Changable Banner!

About Changeable Banner by Build-A-Banner

Have you ever looked in the mirror in the early morning and said "There has to be a better way?" We have said that too. That question followed months of creative development that is today known as the "Build-A- Banner" product line.

Banners have long been the most cost effective and productive tool to attract drive-by or walk-by traffic for businesses. It is not uncommon to drive through a major city and see thousands of banners. Which brings us to the fact that our potential market for sales is so vast that we literally have a problem creating sales projections. The market is so big and growing as such a rapid pace that it is difficult to predict.

Virtually every business owner, large or small, uses a banner to promote his business, Grand Opening, help wanted, etc. at least one time per year, but most businesses use a banner 4 times per year. This fact pushes our designers to come up with a product line that would be cost effective and allow business owners to use these banner products for numerous promotions.

A changeable banner had never been heard of until we introduced the Build-A-Banner product line while being sure we could have a strong grip on quality control.

\While we were approached by several large store chains and groups, our decision was to develop our company and market our product through a network of manufacturers representatives nationwide and abroad.

Our company philosophy is to develop a product that has such a large customer base that our representatives can earn a tremendous income while offering a product to the business community that will literally save them hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year.

What more could you ask for and receive?

If you have further interest in the Build-A-Banner product line, read on!

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